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Mana Shield Reduction reforge?

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I'm thinking to buy a glove with this reforge but after some googling, I am confused, is it useless after you reached a certain amount of magic attack? Some people said if I ever want to become a mage, this reforge is useless. I'm not sure on the mechanism behind the reduction rate, nor do I want to understand anyway, what I want to know is whether it is helpful for me for survivability, since I mostly play solo.


  • KororeKorore
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    edited February 11, 2017
    For surviving, it is very useful in my opinion, no matter what talent you are. I do not think it becomes irrelevant at any stage of the game though.

    I think by far this is my favorite reforge as it makes it very hard to die!
  • SolesticeSolestice
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    edited February 11, 2017
    That is not true. Mana shield scales off Magic defense and magic protection. The higher you have the more damage you'll absorb with the reforge. Usually a really nice build with that reforge is an armor that gives those listed above (Royal Knight armor, Languhiris, Bhafel). If you do full upgrades for magic def/prot it'll be way better and even for a mage you SHOULD have meditation cap, and inspiration and Mana pots. You should be fine
  • FerghusTheBlacksmithFerghusTheBlacksmith
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    If you're a mage, it's going to be useless. If you're more melee-oriented, it's extremely useful.

    I believe a Lv. 20 reforge is equivalent to approximately 407 magic attack though, I could be wrong. But, as a mage, you'll most likely have more than that and therefore a stronger Mana Shield without the reforge.

    I have a Lv. 20 Mana Shield and it let's me fight how I want without being a mage but at the cost of potential Max damage reforges. (Assuming you don't roll something like combat mastery Max damage alongside the Mana Shield reforge)