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Activate a Product??

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When I launch the Nexon Launcher to play, I keep getting a window asking for a 16 digit activation code. I've never had to enter a code before to play and I've been playing since G2. Below is the screen I'm getting when I launch it. Any help would be appreciated.



  • KttyKtty
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    That usually comes up when attempting to use free wifi at some establishment. It comes up because the port(s) that the launcher uses to connect to nexon servers for certain things (such as checking client verson and downloading updates if necessary) is being blocked. If you are getting this at your home on your own net connection check that windows hasn't increased your security lvl (it will do so without notifying you). Check your firewall (yes windows has it built-in). Also check your router and unblock the needed port(s) if The previous have failed to show anything being blocked.