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Options to Hide Status Icons

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in Feedback and Suggestions
What with the recent changes to make it so that clicking on a 2nd Title Icon doesn't get in the way of moving, I was hoping there could be another patch that addresses the issues with Status Icons, such as the ones that appear underneath your character's name.

There's two problems with them:
1) They get in the way of clicking, just like 2nd Title Icons did.
2) They hide certain UI elements, such as the duration bar that appears when using certain skills such as Final Hit, Nascent Divinity, Final Shot, and Wind Guard.

Having it changed so that the icons don't get in the way of clicking would be nice but, can we get an option to hide these icons?
Another solution would be moving the area that status icons are displayed to somewhere like the upper side of the screen, or making it its own mini-window like Elemental Wave's Element Marbles. That way, the icons could still be displayed but they could be dragged to whatever part of the screen that the player would find it convenient.


  • DanievictriaDanievictria
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,695
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    While we're at it, can we also get duration countdowns for all status effects to be visible without having to hover over them for a tooltip? Some effects give you a tooltip when you hover over them in the Character menu, others don't, and it can be a bit annoying. This is especially the case with Respite's temporary debuff, because not only does the game not give you a tooltip timer when you hover over it, but I swear that icon has disappeared on me after using Crisis Escape too. Then, you go to use some magic a little while later because you think Respite's debuff has timed out and, bam, you're hit with a magic backfire!

    The countdowns don't even have to be numerical. A shadow effect like the ones used on skill cooldowns would do just fine. I'd just like some kind of visual indication of how long our buffs and debuffs are lasting.
  • RaishiiRaishii
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,245
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    I would love that. That's why I never use that Goose Feather totem, because, for some stupid reason, it needs to display a status icon right on your character.
  • LeadtLeadt
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    Posts: 37
    Agree!...I wanna just see my hp thanks.
    AND...Can you make my status icons readable within my Character page (instead of Ctrl+hovering over my head)?
  • UrufuUrufu
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    I second all of this.
  • MaiaMaia
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    Completely agree. I was not a fan of talent title icons. Am not a fan of 2nd title icons. I am also not a fan of status icons. All of these should be able to be hidden completely from view (like talent icons can be). They're ugly and break game immersion to me. Regular titles at least blend with your name so I like those, plus they don't physically get in your way.

    Skill durations should be shown as a transparent bar or something somewhere on your screen (somewhere you can drag and drop preferably) and have an actual second/millisecond timer so you can properly time your attacks. The little bar under your hp is pretty outdated.