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Keys not functioning properly

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in Technical Support
I recently got a new laptop but there are some issues when i try and play mabi for some odd reason it is making me press the "fn" key in order for me to activate my skills in F1 thorugh F12 which i find highly annoying is there a way to fix this issue because id rather have the fn keys working to only change volume brightness etc than of pressing it directly since it will cause problems later in since im already too used to just pressing F1 - F12 keys when playing


  • FluoretteFluorette
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,550
    Posts: 728
    Does it only behave like this when you play Mabinogi?

    This sounds like something that can be fixed by changing your computer settings, but what steps to take (such as going through the Windows Mobility Center or changing your BIOS settings) will depend on what kind of computer you have. There are articles/posts online that can guide you through the process. Try looking up "How to Change Function Key Settings" (or related) in a search engine.
  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,605
    Posts: 4,935
    If it's a new laptop it is unlikely to be a bios issue, unless you're in the habit of screwing around with that. As @Fluorette suggested it is likely just a usage/settings issue. I assume it's Windows 10 and what model of laptop is it? Do you have an external keyboard you can use with it; maybe it will behave.