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Help loading mabinogi on my new computer

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in Technical Support
Anybody know how to get mabinogi working? After it loads its anti hack, it just has white screen in the gaming loading before login screen/main menu. I tried compatibility with windows 7 and 8. No good. I'm using mabinogi on steam.

CPu I7-9700k
Ram Corsair 16gb(2x8) 2400hz
Asus Z390-E mother board(or was it 290...)
Liquud cooling with a Corhair H60. I even had it installed on a Samsung SSD 500gb
Power supply is a corsair 850 wattage, gold certification.
Windows 10 home edition.


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,500
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    Google "Safe Mode with Networking". Go into Safe mode with Networking and see if it runs. Post the results here.