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2560x1440 window mode not saving

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edited October 6, 2019 in Technical Support
To make the window mode the correct size without having to manually resize it you can edit the game settings using you graphics card software. From what I understand, it changes the last known settings for the game stored in the computer's registry. So if you set height to 1440 and width to 2560 then it fits some screens much better. It works perfectly as long as you use a resolution that Mabinogi supports, even if it isn't in the in-game settings menu. For example you can also have 2560x1600 since that is supported too, but not some random number like 2561x1601.

The issue is that once you login to your character and then later close the client, it reverts the startup [last known] settings back to the settings in your character's setting menu. I believe this is because the resolution setting for your character is stored on the server, when you login it downloads your character's personal setup (hotkeys, screen resolution, etc) and changes the registry files back to the number the server had when you logout.

A way around this is to just update the registry back to the new resolution before launching every time, but that can get pointlessly tedious. Is there a way to change the resolution in the server's character data to a resolution that is not listed in-game?

Edit: To clarify, I'm not looking for a mod or any other rule-break methods.