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Lighthouse Part Time Job Glitch?

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edited October 17, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
So recently my friend and I have been doing some Part Time Jobs for Holy Water and Wood Boards.. but we ran into some kind of issue?
My friend can't seem to get the Lighthouse PTJ anymore, it doesn't let her start it.. Instead Ascon just says something like "I am glad you came at such a nice day."
EDIT: Here is what he says;
Is there a limit to how many you can do daily or something? Or a glitch? I'm kinda frightened it'll happen to me soon enough..

- She also tried relogging AND resetting her client and neither worked.
- She is at 79 times done in total, with a 99% Success Rate.

EDIT 2 - Apparently it was because she did not Advance her Handicraft skill.....