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Fullscreen Color Effect

Mabinogi Rep: 1,165
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in Technical Support
I have been having this issue for years that when I turn on fullscreen, game was getting brighter and a little bit more blue(?), I don't know why but seemed to be windows 10 or intel integrated graphics issue more than the game's issue, still not sure. I have been looking for 3rd party extensions to fix my problem but I have found the solution to this issue completely randomly.

if you are having same bright and blue-ish fullscreen filter issue this is the random solution here for Windows 10 using intel integrated gpu:

1- Get to windowed mode in mabinogi
2- On taskbar, rightclick Mabinogi icon and try to launch another mabinogi
3- When windows asks for continue to launch mabinogi.exe, click Cancel
4- Click windowed mabinogi, press alt-enter and filter won't apply

5- If you ever press Alt+Tab on fullscreen mabinogi, filter will eventually re-apply when you return back to the game so don't alt-tab, instead first alt+enter to switch to windowed mode and then use alt-tab safely.

If anyone could explain the reason behind it or the right technical solution for this issue, I'll be grateful.