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[KR] New/Returning Milletian [Notice]

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Notice Page
*Google Translated
It is Mabinogi GM Denick.

Nice to see you again this winter!

We have prepared Millennials to share the news of Erin that you have missed.

♥ If you missed the news? Check out the information below!

* 11/14 (Thu) The following conditions will be added to the trading restrictions applied to characters with fewer than 2 reincarnations.
(Not applicable for OTP authentication account
)-Characters not created more than 72 hours (3 days) after the creation can not be trading.
: Auction house, opening a personal shop, housing bidding, stall stall, exchange between characters, mail transactions
* From 11/21 (Thu), Nexon OTP can be used in Mabinogi. [Shortcut]
* [Pet expedition & pet house] will be available on 11/21 (Thu) romantic farm. [Guide]
* 11/28 (Thu) Added a list of cutscenes that can be viewed using Crystal Ball inside Dunbarton Library.
-G19, G20, G21, G22, G23, G24 Mainstream Cutscenes
-When you click on the crystal ball, only the main streams completed to the end can be checked in the list

♥ [Guide] Starter Millesian

Prepared for the first visit to Millesian Erin.
Check out the tips for living Erin! ♥ [Guide] Returning Millesian The benefits of returning Millesian and the changes come to Erin with the wishes of the official! You can see the history of Mabinogi at a glance. In addition, we are constantly updating our game guides with information that will help you live. Please watch the Mabinogi develop for your enjoyable Erin life.

New Milletian Official Guide

Returning Milletian Official Guide