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The Nonskilled Guild 2019

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edited December 31, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Welcome to the Nonskilled Guild Recruitment Page! For those interested, go to the West Wall of Dunbarton, where you will find a Guild stone called, "Nonskilled" there, you can apply to become a Guild Member. But first, check out WHY you should join. This video will explain WHY you need to join with lots of context rather than reading the information below.


Our goal is to ensure that we collect as much Falias Fragments as possible so we can run a bunch of Falias Treasure Hunts. This way there is a market for even the poor and new player. Also, the Guild will be heavily supervising on collecting Falias Fragments as this is most helpful and tedious for the success of the Nonskilled Nation. More information on how to make gold will be explained by Nonskiller when you join the guild. Methods and understanding of things.

We will take back what belongs to the Nonskilled Nation! Channel 1 Dunbarton is the home of the Nonskillers. However, we do operations on other channels to fulfill certain goals and prospects to be able to overthrow the oppressive regimes that rule our great server Alexina to this day. No longer shall the Skillers rule over the weak. The Nonskillers shall rise once more and take over.

We will no longer be overruled by the evil and tyrannical guilds. We are a nation! Free from the rules that consume us. Praise our lord and savior, Godskiller, for he has shown us the light and the true path we must all follow. Of course, the Guild Leader might have the Guild shut down in certain circumstances mattering on his own economic displeasure. But... alas, the guild shall live. You even get the "Is Emperor" Title.

I hope you all understand why YOU SHOULD JOIN THIS NATION! As this is a Nation for Nonskillers to rule over the Skillers. Fashionistas, Merchants, Aristocrats, Pay-To-Win, Hybrids, even the most unskilled, they are welcome to a nation where there shall not be anymore discrimination. We shall take back what belongs to the Nation of the Nonskillers, the Nonskilled Guild, shall rule Channel 1 Dunbarton.
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