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[NAB] Snowflower Event Tree Bug/Unable to complete

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edited January 9, 2020 in Archived Bugs
So I have completed both daily quest chains like a week ago.
The Mainquest "Wishes come True" is stuck at 16 completed quests for a while now.
And I think I know why..
Make a Wish requires you to use 2 Wishing Crystals. Without the daily quest you can only get 1 daily.
But Make a Wish requires 2. And every day you get the Quest again basically ignoring that one Wish you made the day before.
You also cannot keep a Crystal for the next day according to the description.

Basically you cannot complete the Mainquest.


  • NichidaNichida
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    You can exchange 50x of Mysterious pages or the one from music for a Crystal.
  • SaiiriSaiiri
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    Ok I apparently never talked to the daily NPCs again.
    Thank You.