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Revamp Extra Equipment Slots

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I think equipment slots made the game a lot more streamlined, as opening your bags and manually equipping gear can be frustrating, but they still need a bit of work.

The main issue being that your equipment can get mismatched if you swap your mainhand and auxilary weapons while using your extra equipment slots in tandem. Often times you'll be wearing the wrong gear with the weapon you are using, and then we're back to square one, manually swapping the gear pieces to get the desired set.

Here's my patented 2 step plan to fix gear sets:

1. Allow the same piece of gear to be assigned to multiple equipment slots:
instead of dragging and dropping equipment into each slot, and holding it there like some kind of extra inventory, have each slot be assigned a piece of gear by name. this way, you can have the same pieces of gear assigned to multiple sets. this replaces the "checkbox mechanic" we have in-place currently to NOT swap your gear. Many other MMOs accomplish gear sets in this way: like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14

2. Remove Auxillary Weapon Slot, replace it with 1 free extra equipment slot
Mabinogi has evolved past the point of swapping a single weapon with nothing else. Usually you want to swap a few pieces of gear around while you are changing weapons, because these days certain reforges and enchants are only viable with certain weapons. just give everybody a baseline of 2 gear sets to swap between, and then the option to purchase more (i personally think you shouldn't charge for extra equipment slots, but I won't get into that.)

1. because each gear set is specific in which gear is equipped to it, there's no way to accidentally equip the wrong weapons and armor combination.
2. People will be more likely to use extra equipment slots if they are more polished

1. aesthetically, no more aux weapon slot, or weapons sheathed on your back
- this could be remedied by showing the first gear slot's weapons on your back at all times.
2.hotkey management; tabbing between 2 weapons feels nice, but I think I could learn to have a single hotkey for each gear set, or tab between the last 2 I had equipped.
-not really a big issue because with "auto weapon slot conversion" you hardly need to manually swap equipment with a hotkey anyway.
3. no free inventory space from extra equipment slots
-just buy a bag.

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