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Winter painting event not appearing

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I've sent a ticket in, this occurred on the first day of the event, but has anyone else had this issue?
I logged in on the 13th, went to Physis and registered my character as main. Went to sketch the snowball for the event, crashed, logged back in and was in Dunbarton. All event quests were gone, are gone still. I'm missing out on this event and I can't even add a new main on any alternative characters I have on this account.
The nexon support said they'd investigate, but as they do so, I'm missing my chances to get the rewards.


  • sunstreaksunstreak
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    *all I can say is that the GM's are SUPER nice and helpful, (in my experience). It can take a few days for them to get to you, but they will. Know that they can help with the quests; so please don't lose faith or ragequit! (I don't want to speak for them; but they can generate rewards and such... and your issue sounds really complex; so give them time to investigate. Given a chance to figure out what happened to your account, I bet they'll help catch you up! In my experience, they want ppl to enjoy this game! So get in there, and enjoy the other events in the meantime!(woot, Shadow Exp-bonanza!) :)