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Disable 2nd title visual effect

Mabinogi Rep: 820
Posts: 5
edited March 7, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
I am well aware that we can disable all of these with "Mini effects" in the options menu but that disables EVERYTHING (skill effects special ups etc) I purpose that we can get an option underneath that can be set to "Disable all" (The current mini effects function) and in addition we can have a second option that says "Disable 2nd Title only" - that way we can disable some very distracting effects and be able to keep the stats that the titles provide at the same time.


  • ServilliusServillius
    Mabinogi Rep: 745
    Posts: 57
    Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like it if I could disable all mini effects except for skills like meteors and fireballs.
  • KeichiroKeichiro
    Mabinogi Rep: 860
    Posts: 17
    I'd like to disable the effect of my 2nd Title on other people's end as well. It's really annoying and I dont like how it looks, but I don't have any good alternatives.