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Lests Art Shop [G + PP] [NAO + ALEXINA]

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edited April 3, 2020 in Art Creations
Leafpetal | Alexina
Airmidh | Nao

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My artwork is for personal use only. Do not sell prints, buttons, and other merchandise with my artwork.
There will be not slots, but I reserve the rights to turn down commissions or close if I feel the need.
If paying with gold, alexina is preferred
Payment is required to be sent before the final piece is sent to you. You may wait until you've approved the sketch first if you want to
$ prices are in USD
May be willing to negotiate gold prices, $ prices are non-negotiable
Complex clothing, armor & wings may increase prices, especially in NPC portraits.

(click icons for full version)
For more examples, go to my portfolio drive full with 30+ current and updated drawings.


To order, fill out this
Once I see it, I'll message you through your preferred method of contact. The sketch will be sent to you for approval & adjustments ASAP. You can also DM me here on the forums or you can message me on discord!
I will not do: NSFW or heavy gore
I will do: couples, anthro, text descriptions, armor, ocs & fanart


  • ImaizumiImaizumi
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,215
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    edited March 20, 2020
    Hey just wanted to say that you should probably raise your gold pricing to somewhere around 1:1 with irl $. Or at least up from what it currently is, as gold in Alexina is valued at least around there these days (roughly)

    Your art's cute so I hope your shop goes well!! :D
  • LeafpetalLeafpetal
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,505
    Posts: 185
    thanks for pointing that out! I havent been on here in years so im a little out of touch with what prices are running at

  • LeafpetalLeafpetal
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,505
    Posts: 185
    bumping + new examples added to my portfolio drive !