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No Sound -fixed

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edited March 21, 2020 in Technical Support
For some reason, I can't hear any sound from the game. I have all the ingame options at max, I have my computer volume at max, I've tried using headphones and using the computer's speakers. I can hear sounds from everything but Mabinogi. I've never had this issue before now either. For some reason Mabinogi doesn't show up when I bring up my volume mixer either. I don't really know what that could mean. I generally have the game silent within the ingame options but I wanted to test an instrument and found I couldn't hear anything. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: It works now. No idea what happened still. Just restarted my computer. I'm not sure why sound would work for other programs and not mabi tho.


  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,420
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    For future reference, just in case anybody might be wondering why/how such a thing happens, I have noticed that if I connect (pair) my Blue-Tooth Head-Set to my Computer whilst Mabinogi is running, but then disconnect (unpair) the Blue-Tooth Head-Set, the sound from Mabinogi will be mute until Mabinogi itself is re-started. The sound can be heard through the Blue-Tooth Head-Set again by re-Connecting (re-pairing) the Blue-Tooth Head-Set whilst Mabinogi is still running (before re-starting Mabinogi).

    There is also another possibility that, for some people, they joined a Music-Jam Party, and clicked on the Head-Phones Icon above the Party-Leader, which will also «Mute» all sounds coming from Mabinogi (other than Music-Playing with In-Game Musical-Instruments or the Song-Skill). Clicking on that Head-Phone Icon a second time will restore the normal Sounds/BGMs that would otherwise be audible from Mabinogi. Just for reference of course.