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Appearance Transfer Scrolls for weapons suggestion

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edited March 24 in Feedback and Suggestions
One of the ways to customize your weapons or tools in game is to use Appearance scrolls that are often available from Gachapons or events. However some of these appearance scrolls can never be retained, and are often disposed of because of the weapon the reside on being outgrown.

Similar to transferring spirit weapons to other weapons, couldn't there be a way to transfer appearance attributes of a scroll that was used on a weapon to a new weapon of one's choosing?

An example: The Caliburn or Gae-bolg appearance scrolls from the FSN cross over will never be released ever again, however instead of disposing of the weapon, and the very limited appearance of one of those scrolls, you could use an appearance transfer item to bind it to a new item. Similar to the appearance transfers of other MMO's like the appearance anvils from maplestory, or the cash shop items in vindictus. The consumption of the old weapon may or may not be possible, but if it could say just transfer the attribute and simply copy/paste it onto a new weapon and make it untradable would be enough.

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