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Can’t launch

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in Technical Support
I’ve got this older laptop that I used to play on and decided to pick it back up, but I can’t launch the game. I’ve tried through the Nexon launcher and through steam, but nothing. If I go to play it it will sometimes let me log in, but then an error shows up and then it’s back to square 1. For about a week now I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game over and over again but even that won’t work. Someone please help me play my favorite mmo again


  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    Older laptops tend to have wear-and-tear (or something happened in the fabric of space-time) that seems to cause them to not only run rather slowly but may take a long time to load anything to the point where loading is simply timed out. New laptops these days can be obtained for low-ish prices so it would probably be best to replace the old laptop with a new one (or a desk-top if you got space for one).

    If you've been uninstalling and re-installing, but aren't able to get any seemingly «clean install» anyway, your uninstallations may not necessarily be complete, for which you might need to make use of a software-tool (such as Absolute-Uninstaller) which can completely uninstall components that the regular Windows uninstaller may have missed in order to re-do a complete and clean re-install.