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Cant telepot,use pets, or open gift boxes

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So sometime yesterday a was afk in storybook Tir standing in the alby dungeon lobby and my connection was terminated due to strange activities or something similar. When I came back to the game(log back in) I couldn't summon my pets, use travelers guide/mana gates or teleport in general(even special items and goddess wings),open gifts (like puzzle gift/ 12th ani gift)or use any consumable like tendering/ rebirth. Thank god for discord as they helped me escape story Tir thru Avalon. I went afk in Dun after getting out to see if another d/c would change anything over nite. I did dc but nothings changes can basically do squat without travelers guide/ tunnel network or pets. to travel I'd have to walk or get a ride from a friend. attached videos is meh showing what happens when I try to summon pets or use Gate network.