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Random disconnects

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in Technical Support
Hi everyne.

I just started playing, and I have almost no lags at all, yet randomly without warning, about once every 1-2 hours I randomly get disconnected and get a message "please wait 30 seconds before logging in again".
When I do log in, there are no problems, but this is really annoying, and has caused me to lose dungeons I worked hard on...
Might anyone have a solution to this?
I disabled Nagle's algorithm and set the MTU on 1500. Other then that I have not made any changes.

Thank you!


  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    Wired connection is best but if you're already on wired and not using wireless then you might still want to double-check any other programs (or streaming videos) that might be using up band-width, whether there are other people at your house-hold who might be making heavy use of Internet-traffic, perhaps there might be an e-mail (or other similar) programme you're using that «synchronizes» once every hour or two which could be causing enough of a latency-spike to result in getting disconnected, etc. Also, I think that if you're in a party, and as long as at least one party member is still in the Dungeon/Mission, you should/might be able to re-join the Dungeon/Mission upon re-logging if disconnected. Perhaps you can make arrangements with someone who's willing to be a «Place-Holder» for you when you choose/decide to run content (been a while since I've last tested/tried/checked this kind of stuff out since I haven't disconnected from Dungeons/Missions for a long while so I am not entirely sure if it necessarily works this way or not or if I just have alternate-universe memories of a Mabinogi where it did).

    I'll hold off on coming up with anything too «technical» for now; you can see/get a list of running/active programs with the Ctrl+Shift+Esc short-cut in order to see if there might be some other programmes running that might be taking up unnecessary band-width to turn off if necessary.