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LF> Active Friends / Guild

Mabinogi Rep: 750
Posts: 15
in Guild and Party Recruitment
Gen 1 player thats been away from Mabinogi for quite some time. Its been my favorite game and will probably be my favorite of all time (as far as free roam mmo's go anyway) As the title states im lookin for some really active friends or a guild. Im not looking for some elitist guild, just some nice people that play often. Only reason i dont play this game anymore is because i dont have anyone to play with pretty much.

As far as stats go if thats something anyone needs to know;
IGN: Caractacus
Total: 11k+
Masters: Bard, Mage, Warrior, Battle Alch, Cleric, Construct Alch, Apothe
Main Job: Battle Alch
Activity: Everyday if i get a good group of people
About: Fighting is really the only thing i pay attention to. I dont really do anything else, just tons of shadow missions. That doesnt mean im not willing to do other stuff if anyone needs it.

If anyones interested in having me as a friend or a guildmate feel free to add me in-game.


  • SunbeamtheGreatSunbeamtheGreat
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,290
    Posts: 83
    edited February 22, 2017
    Add me up, I am totally active almost often! AFK when i go to work!

    IGN: Sunbeam007

    I am a Grandmaster warrior, Master Mage, Bard.