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Habitual Disconnecting

Mabinogi Rep: 410
Posts: 3
in Technical Support
For some reason, every time after maintenance and throughout the week, my client will be forcelogged or "No Memory" will be displayed and auto close my client. Not sure if this is an error on my end or Nexon, but if the latter. please try harder. It's really inconvenient when I'm trying to run missions and other content.


  • NerezzaNerezza
    Mabinogi Rep: 685
    Posts: 22
    The "No Memory" error is a memory leak. There's been one in the game client for well over a year now, the only workaround is to restart the client entirely every couple of hours.
    It's gotten worse lately though, whenever the memory leak hits me now I get login errors for 10-ish minutes before the game lets me back in finally. I've seen other people complaining about that, too.