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[Sugget] o -o) More way to get your pet rested

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edited June 19, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
' w') I suggest more way to get your pet rest from fatigue... that is!
To pet pet them your self! (Skinship) such as...
-Let them sit on your lap for S type pet...
-Clean them with Fluffy Sponge/Brush for M type or Car/Horse type...
-Play with them using Frisbee/Sturdy Stick for dog type...
-Feed them using Fresh Vegetable/Fruit for Bear/Pig/Sheep type...
-Play a Music box for Bird/Fairy

In exchange for unable to move your character for 15min while you are in "Skinship" animation with your pet, And a little 15min De-buff like decrease random status like when Potion poison.
Player need to Equip a Pet Treatment kit by the type of Skinship required to preform the action.

Or it can just be using to decrease the time needed for pet to rest in "Pet House" like when we play instrument for crop to grow faster.

PS.Can you do something with Homestead outer border? q wq) Like...Change a outer scene... those rocky/dirt isn't look that good for BG, And the "Hide..." Text on top right...
And... there is no "Back to Edit" button for the new send me to main forum and when i try to go back it disconnect me... good thing am already copy everything i write...
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