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S> Red Eye Ceraunus SOLD!!!!!!!!!

Mabinogi Rep: 1,165
Posts: 50
edited June 28, 2020 in Nao Marketplace
Looking for offers, note me in-game or post an offer below and I'll see what people offer me before I sell this guy off.
IGN is Featherlight

mabinogi-2020-06-22-001.png mabinogi-2020-06-22-002.png

  1. this this a good doggo?3 votes
    1. yes good doggo, give the doggo a pat
       100% (3 votes)
    2. no, stinky bad doggo, needs to be washed
       0% (0 votes)


    Mabinogi Rep: 1,165
    Posts: 50
    I've seen peoples offers and I have a few reoccurring numbers and questions pop up.
    I will provide the medal, and I am not even considering any offers below 40m.
    This is a variant of the Ceraunus after all, despite not being able to dye it it has unique dark/shadowy effects which stand out.