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[FWD] Master Plan weapon rental service issue

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edited July 13, 2020 in Forwarded Bugs
a. In the Master Plan weapon rental service, the Archery method of battle is mislabeled as "Music"... as an Archer I had no idea what button to press to get a celtic bow and someone else had to tell me that clicking "Music" gives you the bow for whatever reason.


Archery's button is simply mislabeled as Music
Archery's button is mislabeled as Music, AND the actual Music option is missing altogether.

All other weapon options are correctly labelled.

b. To recreate, talk to Master Plan Helper Summer, select the Weapon Rental Service, and behold the lack of an obvious archery option. Click music, you will receive a bow.

c. I expect the celtic bow to come from a clearly labelled archery option.

video :


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    Forwarded to QA, thanks for reporting.