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{FWD] Blue/Red Will 'o the Wisp Title bugged.

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edited July 21, 2020 in Forwarded Bugs
Actually I dreaded having to make my own forum post regarding this matter, as it is such a minor issue but still quite bothersome and decided to address it anyway. Also wanted to mention that I did check all previous Patch Note posts on the official announcement website but they didn't mention it as a known issue.

So basically, after a certain maintenance (not sure exactly but I believe it was after Kemono Friends collab event ended) I noticed a slight change in how the Blue Will 'o the Wisp title's wisps behaved.

They used to be present a lot longer, were much more round (much like an actual wisp) and if you moved around they didn't fade until you were 3 meters away from one that appeared whilst walking straight ahead, while now it is within seconds (probs less than 1 meter away from it).
They behave much more like flames now, fade within a matter of seconds, aren't as rounded off, shaped much more flame-like and go upwards instead of moving around the player.

I went ahead and tried to find out how they did act before the change, and a gif showcasing how the were supposed to be when the title was new shows clearly that there's definitely something off at the moment;


Again, I know it's a minor issue so I don't expect any changes anytime soon, just wanted to point it out.