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Free Gems!

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in Tarlach Chat
Hello everyone! My ign is Leilicia. I am currently on ch7. I have a TON of gems. I did manage to sell a few, but after d/cing I am uninterested in re-doing my shop ahhaha. I will list down the gems and sizes for you all.

aquamarine - 6.00cm (6 of these) 5.00cm (2) 2.25cm (2)
topaz- 5.00cm(2) 2.50cm (1) 9.00cm (1)
Jasper- 6.00cm (1) 2.00cm (1) 8.00cm(1)
Garnet- 5.00cm(2) 9.00cm(2) 8.00cm(7)
Emerald-9.00cm (1)10.00cm (1) 6.00cm (2) 8.00cm (2) 5.00cm(1)
Spinel- 8.00cm(2) 6.00cm(1)
Ruby- 6.00cm(2) 2.50cm( 1) 9.00cm (2)

I hope you understand the numbers in parenthesis. Those are how many I have of that size! c: If you'd like any, NM please! I'll mail it to you.


  • LeiliciaLeilicia
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,220
    Posts: 313
    Well, after two hours...I decided I'm just gonna drop them c':