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LF> Newbie Friendly Guild

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Looking for a guild that isn't fixed on their clicks, and willing to be inclusive to new players.

I had joined a guild, which I will not name, but most of the time I was simply ignored! I was responded to occasionally, but when I asked to: group up, party up, do something together, there wasn't that much interest. Instead, I had to watch as they would talk about doing things together. It's understandable. (I also think that most of the active players were veterans).

They already formed their friendships, and it is difficult for them to add in new people. Especially someone who has a ton of questions all the time.

Therefore, I left that Guild, and am looking for a smaller, active and social guild. I want to be an active member, and dedicate time and effort to not only improve myself, but to help others too!

So message me in game if you want a new member, but most importantly if you want an actual potential friend. Not a Facebook friend. ^^


  • HelsaHelsa
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    There will always be guild drama; it is inevitable. If you read the guild descriptions, in the guild list, typically guilds will say whether they accept newbies or not.
  • ItzuItzu
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    Hi Seyza!
    We're actively recruiting for my guild, Tuathade! It's def newbie friendly! We are a good mix of vets/newbies, but we try our best to include all our members with whatever stuff we do (level restrictions permitting; wish there were more ways to bypass that :T) Honestly, some of us higher lvl guildies dont mind carrying since we love the social aspects haha
    If you'd like to discuss more, add me in game!

  • im looking for a guild for noobs
  • Hi, Seyza.
    Our new small guild was formed recently. We tell stories, listen to each other. And help new players with game stuff. Everyone is very friendly.
    If you're interested add me in the game.