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[EVENT] Mag Mell Expedition Support Hot Days

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Log in daily to get some sweet rewards. Collect enough Sweet Rose Petals and you'll receive the new Sweet Rose 2nd Title Coupon! Check out the details below.


Mag Mell Expedition Support Hot Days
Event Dates: Thursday, August 13th, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 27th, Before Maintenance

Event Details

Single Log In Event
  • During the event, log in for 36 minutes to receive one Lorna's Special Supply Pet Box. You can receive this item once per account.
    • Use Lorna's Special Supply Pet Box to select one of the following pet whistles:
      • Cutie Sheep (30 Days) Whistle
      • Lemongrass Flora (30 Days) Whistle
      • Bone Dragon (30 Days) Whistle
      • Spirit of Tuan (30 Days) Whistle
    • When summoned, the pet will be Level 200 and lasts for a limited duration (30 days).

Daily Log In Event
  • During the event, log in for 36 minutes to receive one Mag Mell Mission Support Box. You can receive this item once per day.
  • You cannot receive the reward item if you participate in the event as a pet, a beginner character, or your cumulative level is below 20.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • The Mag Mell Mission Support Box contains:
    • *NEW* Wings of a Goddess (Fiodh Dungeon) x1 (Not tradeable)
      • Teleport quickly to Fiodh Dungeon and make your way to the Mag Mell Geata.
      • Note: You must play through the Pet Trainer storyline in order to enter Mag Mell.
    • Nao Soul Stone x3
    • Physical Power Potion (30 min) x1
    • Magic Power Potion (10 min) x3
    • *NEW* Sweet Rose Petal x1
  • Combine 10 Sweet Rose Petals to receive the *NEW* Sweet Rose 2nd Title Coupon (Luck +35).
  • The Sweet Rose Petal item will be removed when the event ends.