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Eluned Magic Academy Juniors (M)

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edited August 12, 2020 in Bugs and Glitches
issue: Eluned Magic Academy Juniors (M) says it is Eluned, but it has shorts. I thought it was supposed to have a skirt.
I think this is just a mistitle issue.
I am sorry if this was already mentioned, I checked and didn't see anything but it may have alr been forwarded and i didnt see.

Image and Gif will be provided.

server: Nao
IGN: sukiyoomi (he is the one with the outfit)
my IGN is Hanalei


  • IonIon
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    Some Eluned outfits, especially the early male ones, are changed based on gender.

    Chillin' Urban Outfit (F) -> Eluned Chillin' Urban Outfit (M) changes skirt to pants
    Bunny Parka Outfit (F) -> Eluned Bunny Parka Outfit (M) changes the height of the stockings
    Probably more.

    It's still meant to be an Eluned as the rest of the set matches the original female set. It just decided to change to shorts.
  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    sad times, i was hoping he'd have a skirt. Thanks for this, I wasn't entirely sure!