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Curious giveaways

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edited August 21, 2020 in Nao Chat
I was wondering if someone would want to get some more or less common things as a reward for making a right guess. I have different things that people might need or want, while I'd like to get rid of them to make more room for something else. They can be used or sold, or kept as a souvenir. But I don't think that it'll be happening on a regular basis, because I'm short on ideas right meow.
How would you guess the right answer? Use your intuition and memory. The connection may be a bit farfetched, but it's still quite sensible. You don't have to know me, but knowing me may make guessing easier. Any personal inquiries after the question has been posted are void. Some additional rules may be posted along with questions, depending on each question. No participation fees demanded. The first person to make the right guess wins, so don't be too hasty and don't be too slow.
Guess that doesn't violate any game rules.
The first reward may be chosen from a variety of items, including Tork's Hunter Suit (F), Phoenix Fire Wand, Smart Will O' The Wisp Tork Merchant Cap, Kite Shield, and Ogress Short Bow.
So, if anybody are interested in this, with gods' help, I'll post the first question and start the countdown.