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Newtella Guild Recruiting!

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edited September 8, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello! Newtella is now recruiting for new members again!
⌜ Who are we?
┃ Social ┃ Newbie Friendly ┃ Medium-Sized ┃

Newtella was officially created on 5/18/2020 and aims to be a medium-sized social guild. We like to have fun and enjoy chatting with each other, making jokes, and try to actively use the Discord Server! We also like to try and run content together such as Shadow Missions, Dungeons, and much more! However, we are not a combat-oriented guild. Our main focus is to mostly socialize and have fun!

Some of the fun we plan to have includes Movie Nights, Game Nights, and much more! We take guild member suggestions seriously so we're always happy to hear more ideas! In addition to this, we also run a Minecraft server. Upon joining, you can find the IP address pinned in our Discord!

⌜What to keep in mind before deciding to join?

▸ We are not an end-game guild.
▸ Discord is required because we are very social-oriented!
▸ Because we are a social guild we are very talkative haha.
▸ We are an Alexina Guild.
▸ We do not aim to be a large guild. (Around 50 member goal)

⌜Still interested? Please contact the leader of the guild or myself!
┃ Leader ┃
IGN: Zanvius

┃ Myself┃
IGN: Kambii
Discord: Cinnabun#1235