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[FWD] You broke it, it was perfect and nexon just

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edited September 10, 2020 in Forwarded Bugs
You broke the system. There was absolutely nothing wrong with tabbing out of the game, nothing wrong with zooming and nothing wrong with resolution. But you just had to go and mess with something that was already perfect... and now it does not actually work! -.- I can't change the resolution, can't zsoom at all so now I'm just walking around in a wonky world and honestly tabbing out was a fantastic EASY to get back to my desktop feature. Why do you guys taker things that are perfect and screw them up for no reason at all? It's like you're trying to make life harder on yourselves. Anyway now I literally can't play so PLEASE return it to the way it was. or fix it. I was so excited for every update but this, I just knew ermediately this was going to be awful and now I can't play. QQ


  • LovePandaLovePanda
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    I was about to post something about this Major issue myself. My resolution isn't messed up "Wonky" However I can't change mine either, I was just trying to test it out after I realized zoom didn't work. I also don't understand why tabbing out option would be removed, I mean who wants to go through options and change between window and fullscreen every time, like honestly that's just stupid. I would like to have the alt tab option back, though I do like borderless fullscreen, if it's between the two options, Tabbing out wins it. this is pretty insane that you are making us take more steps to get out the game like that. It literally makes 0 sense. But I too can't play without the ability to zoom and use the camera properly. I'm also a paying customer so... yeah kind of feel like this needs to be addressed right away,I pay to play and it's not playable.
  • AmnerBrownAmnerBrown
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    I am having the exact same issues and can't play due to this. The question clearly isn't if they are going to fix it ... it's WHEN they ARE going to fix it. They can't take your money and make it so people who paid can't play. I have paid for a few things on the game myself, real money... and I cannot play right now either. So When will you guys fix this issue? I'm also going to post a ticket if it's not dealt with today,. I don't want to miss out on the study event., though i already am.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Forwarding this issue. If you guys can provide more in-depth details it would be hugely appreciated, since it doesn't seem to be affecting everyone (which makes it harder to diagnose the exact issue).