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Show Gathering Count

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in Feedback and Suggestions
Have a number of gathering-able show on top of the object / popup message after successfully gathering per time, And make gathering node/object turn gray when run out.


  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,320
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    interesting idea, maybe some kind of small bubble displaying the current number you can gather that could easily be turned off and on with a simple button or whenever you equip a gathering tool. the reason I think we should be able to easily turn this feature on and off is because we don't really need to see it when we are not gathering. I like a virtual world to feel as real as possible so grayed out gathering spots and gathering counts constantly hovering over objects and animals just wouldn't feel realistic when running around the world of Erinn, we only need to see it that way for the short time we are gathering. but yeah this would be very helpful when gathering cause it is annoying to remember every number count for all the different gathering spots and even if you count as you gather it is still easy to get distracted and forget how many times you have gathered something from one spot.