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Interactable Object Icon: Easier way to interect

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Make a Floating icon on top of the object/NPC when player stand nearby the interactable object such as crafting tools/object, Dungeon Orbs, harvest/gathering node, Raft anchor pole etc...

Because it's hard to click when player with a expand zoom or when they are in combat and need to observe area surround them in wide range, it will make those interactable object become more harder to click, or when it got blocked by pileup monster corpse or the NPC that got mobbing up with lot of player such as event NPC.

And adding an option to Freeze or Unfreeze the name tag on object/player/item/NPC that keep dancing around when we try to click them without needed to zoom-in every time to avoid it from dancing/moving around.

Or simply just make the NPC name tag become more Bigger and colored for them to stand out in a group of player...