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G2 Barri Dungeon Consistent Crash

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Hello everyone. First post here.

I have run into a crash that consistently happens when running Barri Dungeon for a early G2 question involving defeating Fomors. The actions I am taking vary (sometimes it's when I'm fighting enemies, or mining, etc), but I always lose control (but the game "continues" on my end), and then crash after around... 7 seconds. I then log in, and I am back at the entrance with my pass consumed. I have to go and fetch another one if I want to attempt again. I tried again later on, so I know it wasn't a temporary thing. My computer is only a few months old (It's also a AlienWare) so it can't be at fault. My connection cannot be at fault either, it's not this consistent. (Always the same dungeon and quest too, it never happened for any Shadow Missions or Kitchen Missions I've attempted. Didn't crash on any other dungeon to, or when I completed Barri for G1 quests.)

I might plan to do another attempt, but I'm worried it will crash... again. Does anyone know how to fix this or can a dev or something notice this so it can be fixed? I can't progress G2 until I can complete the dungeon.