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R>Burn (Combat Guild for mid-end game)

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edited October 19, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hey, a new Guild Burn is looking for players who play content or players whom want to run content, but may be a bit overwhelmed by it.
We are a friendly, active guild with little pressure on consistent play (We all have lives!), but when we do play; we try to make it as productive as possbile by running content such as:

Advanced Hard Mode Dungeons
Veteran Dungeons
Tech Duinn
Alban Knights Heroic
Girgashiy (Soon)
Raid Bosses

There's a small requirement I ask you fulfil before joining; one being achieve at least Total Level 5K, the second being commit to logging on at least once a week and have intentions to run content with the guild. That's all!

Returning players or mid-game players who feel a bit stuck, or wish to run content more frequently are welcome.
If you are unsure or want to find out more; feel free to join the Guild Discord and have a chat!

Look forward to chatting with ya