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Creating Music for More than One Player (Digital)

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edited November 1, 2020 in Music Creations

Hello friends! I thought I'd go share my process on my recently discovered enjoyment of creating music in the game for more than one player. The "Laighlinne" partner type can play music scrolls, so that excited me because it meant I can finally make little tunes that's not just a solo performance.

I make my Mabinogi music using a real life digital piano that's connected to the computer via usb. I use the software called "FL Studio" to record my piano playing and convert it into a midi file. The program "3MLE" is what I use to convert the midi file into MML, which is then copied into Mabinogi in music scrolls.

You can use any program aside from "FL Studio" to record your music, as long as it is capable of saving it as a midi file. As long as whatever you're using can convert it into a midi file, then you can use "3MLE" to convert it into MML, which is what Mabinogi uses.

The main challenge I encountered was Mabinogi's maximum limit of 3 note chords. It's pretty hard making a tune for Mabinogi when you can only play a maximum of 3 notes at the same time per instrument at any given moment.

I imagine that there are many music lovers in Mabinogi and some of them probably have digital instruments, too! I hope you'll give making songs for Mabinogi using your digital instruments a try :D