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Selling Fashion

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edited November 18, 2020 in Nao Marketplace
Cleaning out my virtual closet.
Either add or note me in game (Puddings).
If I'm not on game, you can contact me on discord or twitter (@arvesspact)

All fashion is F unless specified.
If dye jobs matter to you at all, most fashion is either black, white, some form of off black, off white, and probably pastel purple or pink.
You can offer as long as it's not extreme low balling. I'm willing to barter or trade for specific things.

Astrologer Ankle Boots - 1.5m
Divine Demigod Boots - 1.5m
Glamour Pumps - 1m
Rainy Fox Chair - 1m
Hebona Robe (It doesn't have good stats [2,1]) - 1m
Steampunk Inventress Wig - 500k
Cross Empire Wig - 1m
Magic Academy Wig + Glasses - 250k
Plaid Babydoll Negligee - 2.5m
Winter Princess Boots - 2.5m
Cross Echo Dress - 10m
Alice Ribbon Headdress - 10m
Bubbly Sailor Sandals -2.5m
Noblesse Deity Wear - 18m
Night Witch Hat - 5m
Cosmic Princess Mini Dress -8m
House Roswaal Maid Dress - 20m
Astrologer Outfit - 18m
Scathach Earrings - Will trade for Witch Scathach Earrings (Or I'll sell whenever I get the others idk)
Waffle Witch Outfit - 7m (c/o 4m)
Tarlach Homestead Figure x22? - 1m each

B> Witch Scathach Earrings Note me price
B> #f7c3c2 / RGB 247/195/194 or very close fixed dye ampoules 300k each (Mail them)
Color for reference:

I also do commissions but I'll set up later if people are interested, but for right now I'm interest/price checking because I haven't been back in 500 yrs and I probably won't be super active due to prog next month
I accept Paypal/Ko-fi, Gold, & Gil in Aether, Crystal, Primal, Elemental
Only doing lineless icons for gold tho.
(it's an album there's like 10 or so, ranging from recently to some really old stuff that I like)
I don't draw complex armor, furry, gore, mecha, nsfw etc
Kinda out of date tho.