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Briogh crystals

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how do I use these briogh crystals in my inventory? I know they're to lvl up technique, but how do I use the ones in my inventory. I can go to the technique screen and use the briogh there to lvl up but even after those are under 5000 i cant use the ones in my inventory


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Briogh in the technique screen, that you can hold up to 5,000 at once is separate from the Crystals.
    You use the non-crystal Briogh to fill up the "exp" bars for the Techniques you want.
    Once that's full, you click the button to level it up. This uses just AP for levels up to 4, AP and the small type of Briogh Crystals for levels up to 7, then AP and the large type of Briogh Crystals for the rest of the way up to 10.

    Check out the wiki's page on Techniques, too:

    To get a single Technique up to level 10 it takes:
    92 AP
    6,900 Briogh (non-crystal)
    90 small Briogh Crystals
    120 large Briogh Crystals