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edited November 21, 2020 in Story Discussion
Hey, so I was going through the Generation quests on an alt and I found something interesting. Basically in G3, it states that a vessel BECOMES Macha much like how Mari became Nao. However, that doesn't happen when Macha appears during Saga. Millia is just hanging in the air like Triona was and Macha was separate from Millia (she doesn't appear until Saga). Does that mean that the girls are just the sacrifices and Macha doesn't inhabit their bodies?

Then there's another issue: how weak Macha was when she actually manifested. I mean, I get it, you first wake up you're not all there, but this is MACHA. She wasn't complete, now that might be because the ritual had been interrupted and such, but still... MACHA, the GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION. She should have been able to destroy us at least in a similar fashion as any Dragon back in the day. This makes me think that Millia wasn't her true body to be.

Keeping in mind that both Triona and Millia have red hair and red eyes, there is one other person who fits that bill, but has been removed from play by Morrighan.


That would mean that Morrighan pre-emptively thwarted Macha's return. These days, she wouldn't care about it given how things have progressed through the generations, but does anyone else think we might have to watch out in the future?


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    Remember that the Milletian by this point has the demi-god powers of Neamhein and Morrighan (something the game conveniently forgets during most of the Saga storyline and almost entirely in the Alban Knights storyline so we can get another god transformation). So it's likely that the reason she can't kill the milletian is due to the fact that they have godly powers already as well as having the Brionac which is specifically designed to kill gods. I personally think it's sort of plot forced that we couldn't beat Macha when she appeared considering we beat Nuadha, a guy that was basically someone who might have killed Morrighan and Neamhein if the Milletian hadn't intervened.

    The biggest evidence of this is Morrighan herself. Morrighan only steps in when she has to, or during the confrontration with Cichol because she wanted revenge on him for kidnapping and impersonating her (Making sense since she is the goddess of war and vengeance). She only intervenes directly when something is threatening the gods themselves, as evidenced by her stepping in during the Goddess of Light incident, and during the Nuadha incident because both were likely to threaten then gods themselves. However, at some point, she slowly stops appearing, and she leaves the world to the Milletian, only giving helpful advice to guide them when needed. At the point of Saga, the hero has been through so much between killing dragons and fighting literal gods of the world, and when Macha appeared, Morrighan didn't step in like she did when Neamhein stepped in during the finale of G10. So she must have figured the Milletian could handle things on their own.

    Overall, at by Saga, there's not a lot of enemies besides more powerful gods or demon kings like Balor that would pose a real threat to the Milletian. Macha had been dead a long time, and there really was no reason to think she was more powerful than either of her sisters (She's the other sister to Morrighan and Neamhein). If anything, I'm sad that we didn't get to have a way to take Macha's demi-god skills since we already had Neamhein's, Morrighan's, and Cichol's godly power, and Macha's was the only one missing.

    Also, I think it's worth noting that the ritual wasn't to summon Macha. That happened completely by accident. Originally, the ritual's purpose at the hands of Tarlach and Ruairi was to cut off the world of Erinn from the gods. Summoning Macha was a side effect of the ritual going wrong when they attacked Lia Fail. It's not stated why she appeared, but it's clear that it wasn't what Tarlach and Ruairi meant to do by using the ritual.