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[Random PSA] Most-Effective when used via Head-Phones. One is supposed to go into a Meditative-State whilst listening. Sessions are supposed to be for something like up to maybe a couple of hours done two or three times weekly. Also seems to require drinking lots of water (just make sure your drinking water is not contaminated with pineal-gland-numbing substances I suppose). Volume should be kept relatively low (seriously, you could go deaf or induce NIHL [Noise-Induced Hearing Loss] if you listen to too loud of volume on anything for too long, and high-volume DOES NOT INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS for any particular rife-frequency anyway).
Spoiler-Content : Screen-Shot to a reference as to how/why some people seem to believe that water is poisonous...
P.S. : Everybody should know what a Placebo-Effect is but there is also something known as the Nocebo-Effect which is the exact opposite (i.e.: one gets sick because they believed that they would get sick which is related to what I am about to quote next... «An Optimist Sees Opportunities In Every Difficulty, The Pessimist Sees Difficulties In Every Opportunity»).

P.P.S. : A few safety precautions are described in this hyper-linked article (nothing too serious though other than advising not to listen whilst operating industrial-grade machinery). Historically, I considered the two (Binaural-Beats & Isochronic-Tones) to be the same, but, apparently, they are not (still very similar).
  1. Isochronic-Tones/Binaural-Beats/Brain-Wave-Entrainment/etc2 votes
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    2. Have known about it and use actively
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    3. Have known about it but only use when I am trying to recover from something
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    4. Did not know about it but at least I know how to meditate !
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    5. Did not know about it and also do not know how to meditate...
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    6. Knew about it before but forgot... thanks for the reminder !
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    7. I might have to try this out !
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    8. ~but I actually like wallowing in my own despair...
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    9. Get back in your time-machine & post this in that thread about how Mabi affected his Mental-Health !
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