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G22, G23, and G24 Complete Playlist

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edited December 14, 2020 in Game Guides
In case anyone is interested in reading the text for these generations, but had to skip super fast to meet the Generation Boost event deadline so you have no idea what they said or happened, here's a playlist containing all the "episodes" from G22, G23 and G24.

Reading pace is between slow to medium, I was reading them while imagining some kind of voice or how'd they'd deliver it if it were a tv show. Some cutscenes had dialogue that automatically moved by itself.

These can also be useful in case you're lost in a mission/episode and you have no idea where to find the next npc to interact with or how to sneak around, or even how to get out of a maze, or basically just what to do next. Collecting quest items by killing monsters has mostly been cut down since that's pretty straight forward and they take too much time due to drop rate rng. These were recorded during the Generation Boost event so some of the bosses might be easier than they should be.

Have fun!