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Polymath Talent Weaponry

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edited February 23, 2017 in Help
Hi! I'm somewhat of a returning player, and decided to work toward an elf polymath.
In the past, I never really scraped too far into the gearing-side of things.. so I wanted to ask for advice about some of the better weaponry choices for my 4 talents (Archery, Battle Alch, Fighter, Magic, and maybe Music.. if you want to argue music bottles aren't the clear winner here!).
I read up a few of older posts about these types of things, but I was still concerned considering how old the game is and how quick things can change.

For the most part I've just been using fomor weapons to level my skills (I commerce alot, so why not), and my rebis cylinder.
I'm not really looking for anything super incredible, just things that are cost efficient and can carry me well into a later-game.
Any recommendations on upgrade paths and weapon synergy would be great too.