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Wu Ji from The Untamed

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in Music Creations
This one's been sourced from an already existing midi file available on the internet, not my version. It's for someone who requested the song. It's meant for the piano but should also sound nice on the usual lute. Have fun!

Title: Wu Ji from The Untamed
Composer: Lin Hai
Performed by: Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

Melody : t79>e2c<abge2cb8>c8d<gc2.&c8l32ab>cde2l4c<agag.l16fgc4.l8a>dc<bae2e4>cd<a4.>dcc-c<al4bb+b.l32&b>dc<bl8a>defg4d4<g2>cdc-g<a2&ab>ce<a2&ag>ge<d4.fg>dc-g<a2&a>degl4ebag<gl8g>g<g2fgafg.b.be2d>dcgc4d4c4gg<g4>edc2cc-ced4c-4c2&ccega1

Harmony 1 : l8o2a>eb>ce2<<eb>gb2&b<f>ca4<g>db4<a>eabb+2<a>eb>ce2<e4b+4b2<f>ab>cfedc<<e>eabg+2f>caga2<eb>cde2l4<f>ab<gl8cg>de2.<a>ed<g2&gfb+be2<da>fag4e4<a>ea>ce2<f>a>d<ab+ab<feb4b4bb+b<da>fb+g.a.b<cg>egc4b+4<f>ca>cf4b4l2<ea>del8<<a>e>cea2<<a2.&a.&a64