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The Nonskilled Guild Recruitment 2020

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edited December 31, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Welcome to the Nonskilled Guild Recruitment Page! For those interested, go to the South of Dunbarton, where you will find a Guild stone called, "Nonskilled" there, you can apply to become a Guild Member. But first, check out WHY you should join. This video will explain WHY you need to join with lots of context rather than reading the information below. We also have other videos to WHY you should join the Nonskilled Guild. But this is the latest one as of 2020.... and maybe more in the future....


The Goal of the Guild now is to make it as ACTIVE as possible. And to have members active and lurking all of Erinn under the banner of Nonskilled Guild. You may see counterparts like the Remnants of the "Skilled" Guild, I am one of the original of that guild, and the TRUE last of their members. Many of those joined my guild in the past, along with other past names.. but later on the guild became Inactive 3 times. But we will SPROUT back a great era.. where the rule of Nonskilled Guild shall rule Dunbarton's shopping facilities once more. We also want to replenish the Falias Fragment Epidemic.

We will take back what belongs to the Nonskilled Nation! Channel 1 Dunbarton is the home of the Nonskillers. Also we need to take back Channel 3, the original home of Nonskiller, and repopulate it with the Nonskilled Guild.

Benefits :

1. We are a Nation
2. You can boast your greatness.
3. You can be great.
4. "Is Emperor" title is given to you.
5. You can be cool.
6. We got Black Robes with Gold Gilded Outlines.
7. I'll even throw a Dragon Crest Helmet if you join. (Probably won't, you just got to remind me.. if I am around..)
8. Gold looks good on you.
9. We will make Falias Fragments GREAT again.
10. You can learn the Nonskilled Lore and how I defeated the Chon Chon King.

I hope you all understand why YOU SHOULD JOIN THIS NATION! As this is a Nation for Nonskillers to rule over the Skillers. Fashionistas, Merchants, Aristocrats, Pay-To-Win, Hybrids, even the most unskilled, they are welcome to a nation where there shall not be anymore discrimination. We shall take back what belongs to the Nation of the Nonskillers, the Nonskilled Guild, shall rule Channel 1 Dunbarton.
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