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New Squire Tracker

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I got annoyed with having to use multiple sites and not having a real means to keep track of where I was at all times with the Squires so I decided that I would create my own Excel Spreadsheet and using macros, make it do most of the work for me. Here are some of the features I threw in there real fast as I did this in under 2 hours (so if it is missing anything you like to see, just let me know and I can add it in there).

There is a next day button, you click on it and it will progress all the positions by 3 (unless you made a mistake which you can change it before clicking in the correct guesses cell underneath to the number of guesses you got right that day). This way your position with all 4 characters are constantly being updated as you go.

The search feature will give you a message telling you what the next possible guesses could be. The next right answer has to be on that list. I don't like wasting my time with 1 in 6 chances, this reduces these based on what you know. So if you only know the last 2 guesses, put them in and see what it says. If it says the next one is one of three guesses, you know now have a 1 in 3 shot to guess rather then 1 in 6. Also the position numbers are put into the Possible Options cell so you can see where they are.

Since it uses VBA scripts (Macro Enabled Worksheet), you will have to download it as Google Sheets doesn't really do Macros too well. Any problems or issues, my emails are in the sheet so you can email me any problems or upgrades you would like to see.