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Stuff for Sale.

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edited April 23, 2021 in Nao Marketplace
Hi, I am Selling the below:
-Spiral-tip Twin Tails Hair Beauty Coupon (F) 15mil.
-Divine Demi-God Hair Beauty Coupon (F) 2mil.
-Medium Sideburns Hair Beauty Coupon (F) 2.5mil.
-Overdrive Dandy Cut Hair Beauty Coupon (M) 2mil each. [2]
-Slightly Opened Smiling Mouth Beauty Coupon 5mil.
-Wide Smiling Pink Lips Beauty Coupon 12mil.
-Magic Librarian Decorative Glasses 15mil.
-Eluned Special Sacred Light Dress (M) 30mil.
-Elegant Lotus Wand Appearance Scroll 10mil.
-Elegant Lotus Chakram Appearance Scroll 20mil.
-Saint Guardian's Two-Handed Sword Appearance Scroll 20mil.

Inbox or note me in-game (tokkiest) for any interests.