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Many Ideas wha ti would like to see.

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edited May 8, 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

(1)- Necromancy Talent Add necromancy skill tree etc
A- passive soul taking -when an enemy dies they get re summoned as your servant limit 4 at one time
B-soul drain drains half of enemy's mana hp stam etc at rank 1
C-empower the dead summoned or soul taken enemies get a 30% buff player looses half of their mana and hp when
D-dragged down- black vortex sucks in enemies doing damage to them.
E-revenge hands break through the ground holding enemies in place doing 5% damage the longer they are summoned.i have posted many times ideas F F-and thought out skills etc for these in previous posts for Necromancy

(2)-Vikings Skill tree
A-Shield Wall -increases parties Def Protection magic defense Magic protection auto def melee range (basically all the Def buffs)?
B>Vikings Will -choose a skill that skill will be increased by 300 for a certain amount of time while all defenses are halved?
C-Shield Bash Stuns the closest 4 enemies and Debuffs them as well as knocking them down for 10 sec
D-Shieldless charge Reforge will allow for shield skills without shield while you have 2 axes etc.
E-Raid! when skill is used you obtain more gold items exp etc from dungeons shado missions and generations.

(3)-Revamp Duel wield Add the following some limitations for elvs (heavy blunt weapons) restriction on characters lifted.
All classes for example duel axe duel blunt etc. Allow giants,humans and elvs with high amounts of strength To dual wield Axes maces and hammers.some limitations for elvs.
All classes for example duel axe duel blunt etc the fact a giant lance cannot bash baffles me or use rage impact i feel these two skills need to be unlocked for lances and knuckles.
A-Duel Blunt -Human Giant
B-Duel Axe -human -giant -elf
C-Duel Sword- elv- human- giant
D-Duel Shield (depending on size) Human -giant (elvs depending on strength.
E-Duel Hammer-human elv giant
F-Duel Mastery-human- elf- giant

(3)Lances are now half as big/revamp
A-Lance fury (dose 5-9 hits)Lance throw (2x weapons stats goes up upon level) throw lance as a last ditch effort!
B-lance bash (goes faster and dose bleed damage upon level up)
C-God of lances 100% crit (2x crit damage goes up upon level) duration skill
D-Lance mastery now makes lances weigh less and buff) the distance u have to be away from a monster to hit it)
E-Humans can wear Guard cylinder with smaller lances (app scrolls count)

(4)A thief in erin) tallent were it ups the drop rate for everything but a different percentage as you rank up can steal mana hp and stamina basically anything other than other players items.

(5)(Love and Religion). Add a pray skill to magic an option to pray to certain mabinogi gods for a buff (each god has a different one and when you get over a certain favor percentage you get more buffs etc.we have gods but they serve no purpose (Skyrim made an amazing Religion mod) and i think we should have the ability to pray and get buffs also when people are married they have a separate inventory they can share locked items with however if divorced teh items return to the original owner.

(6)- Add Race Change permanently and allow Outfit and equipment conversion (human-giant) etc but at a 1 time cost. (allow redoing of transformation skill allow giants humans and elvs have all transformations however those for giants and elvs will still have an elven or giant theme to their DK or Paladin and humans will have a choice beast trans or beast inspired Paladin and Dark knight (could make new class) or have the option to keep your trans the same. another idea make dark versions of beast modes. [/b][/i][/u][/s]

(7)- Allow the transformation redemption event (if that is what is called).

(8)-permanent Extra equipment slot would be nice and bundle it with a couple extra fkey slots maybe? or just add more rows to the fkey hot key rows.

(9) Please add merlin knuckles to the negotiable list they are my favorite knuckles and having say the really good fighter and staff enhancements. i am totally for unlocking all weapons to be egoable change the limit to have 4-5 ego's at once i mean if players are willing to put in the work why not unlock it.

(10) A bag for every item and occasion please implement option to turn off acorns from squirrel bags. my inventory constantly is filling up will junk despite having a bunch of bags and extended inventory.

(11)-When human is allied with giant race get a passive buff for giant like movement speed 10 +15% heavy stander and +10%def also use the giant stampede skill at -10-15% damage at rank 1
When human allied with elvs +20% movement speed +20% protection +dex 30% attack speed 10 (new elf exclusive skill humans can use at 10-15% less damage at rank 1

(12)-Revert the Dark knight taming skill darkness control to how it used (un nerf it)to or buff it so it can tame any monster at any bank like things used to be but keep the scrolls the same price.

(13)When human etc is allied with giant race get a passive buff for giant like +10% heavy stander and +10%def also use the giant stampede skill at -15% damage at rank 1
When human allied with elvs +10% movement speed +10% protection +dex 10% (new elf exclusive skill humans can use at 15% less damage at rank 1
Revert the Dark knight taming skill to how it used to b or buff it so it can tame any monster at rank one keep the scrolls the same price.

(14)Quests add more shadow missions in tara and tail and new dungeons in various areas and Change the shadow mission and dungeon party limits.

(15)-Add Special versions of old outfits and have them re released in a reasonable way like releasing Gacha and running (ld school event) were the event gives them out to so we do not have 100m+ clothing but make them rare drops not 100m rare.

have special dye amps (can dye any dye-able item) imagine having saint guardian armor and the accents crackle with electricity! (this is all hypothetical and random ad)

(A)Fire dye gives a subtle fire effect to dyed area (special effect burns enemy when hit with a dyed weapon enemy+10% fire damage and damage enemies weak to fire +25%)player gains 10%+def 10%+magic def when hit with dyed armor enemy takes 10%+ fire burn damage.those of fire only take+ 5% more damage stronger when paired with fire based skills

(B)Thunder Dye gives effect of lightning to dyed area (special effect when you hit with a dyed weapon +10% of thunder damage +25% to monsters weak to thunder player gains 10%+def 10%+magic def when you get hit an enemy or get hit +10 thunder damage stronger when paired with electric based skills

(C) water dye gives an aqua feel to the dyed area player gains an effect of water granting healing +5% ,def and magic def +10% when hit by an enemy you heal 20% with dyed armor enemy's weak to water 25% more damage normal enemy's 10% those of water based enemies 5% more damage stronger when paired with water based skills (raincasting etc)

(D)ice dye gives an icy effect to the dyed area when hit wearing dyed item enemy speed -10% random chance of enemy getting frozen with weapon frost bite damaged +10% ice based enemies +5% when paired with ice skills it becomes stronger

(e)darkness dye gives the effect of darkness emanating out of dyed object (similar to cichol robe or tara alter when hit with a dyed weapon black tendrils pierce/slash the enemy +10% darkness damage. when hit with dyed armor change of becoming enteral not hit table 40% chance, enemies stunned and knocked back takes 10% of enemies life,mana and stamina

(F)dye of light gives a holy light effect to the dyed item (special effect Sm or monsters of darkness take 25% more damage others 10% if dyed weapon if on armor +10% def and magic def. burns target with holy fire (apply holy fire item effect to character and items temp without the dura drain lasts 90 secs.when paired with skills that are light based they become stronger

(G)hydramatic dye gives the effect of green light/smoke poisons enemy poisons the enemy -5% recover for all stats -5% for a limited amount of time all stats if hit with sword or struck by enemy +10% universal damage. can poison enemies who are immune when paired with other debuffing skills becomes stronger

(17) Head slot conversion
Basically an item that allows you to convert an item normally worn on the head such as The death herald Eye patch or Eluned Alchemist Glasses into a face accessory slot item so now i can say wear Eastern dragon horns and death herald eye patch etc. other ideas say it works like the style tab you need to renew it with pons maybe.

(18) New way to advertise other than party so we can run stuff instead of having to afk.


  • SqueeSquee
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    I would just leave it at "Revamp all the skillsets" and rebalance the skills before adding new skills. Ever since martial arts and ninja, it feels like skillsets are getting more and more unbalanced and they don't care. Like seriously, the game needs to stop with new skills and work on rebalancing what they have so that the skillsets can be useful again. The point of the different skillsets is to allow players freedom in how they want to play, but instead the game is forcing people to have to gravitate toward the newer skillsets because the old ones have been left in the dust, and aside from a few skills in each, the overall skillsets are mostly useless.