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✦ PP / GOLD ✦ Commissions !

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in Art Creations
I'm coming back to Mabi and figured it would be fun to do art! I'm taking both gold and paypal as payment, and require payment before I do the art since I'm only doing basic stuff at the moment! All of my art will come colored because I genuinely don't enjoy doing art if it's just plain sketches with no color at all!

( If you want more than a headshot, you're free to message me to negotiate! I have a regular commission sheet that uses different pricing than what I'm putting up here! )

You can find me as Ariquar on Nao server, or dm me on Discord, Robin#9533 !! The prices here are for Headshots.

Art Examples:
[ tumblr tag ] [ tes tumblr tag ]


$10 PP / 10mil gold



$20 PP / 20mil gold